Is Your Roku Express Not Turning On? Try These Tips

is your roku express not turning on try these tips

Models like Roku Express, Express+ and Ultra normally require power for its operation and that can be easily provided through the TV USB port. However, there are some models that require an external power adapter for power input.

If you notice, there is white light on Roku Express model that indicates whether your device is off or on. If the light is off, then it means you might have not supplied proper power or there is some fault within. If you have connected the adapter but still find the problem in turning it on, then there are some tips that you can try on your own.

  • Use original adapter: If you are using a second quality power adapter for providing the power supply, then you are wrong here. This can spoil your media player as well because any fluctuation in the power supply can burn the internal components which will result in failure of Roku media player. You must use the branded power adapter or the one that comes with the packing. In case, there is no power adapter in the packing, you can buy it directly from the Roku
  • Connect adapter properly: To connect it properly first disconnect it from both the ends and then connect one end to the Roku power port. Connect another end of the wire to the power adapter. The power adapter must be connected to the nearby power socket.
  • Try different power source: If you find no power supply coming in the current socket, you can try connecting the adapter to another socket at home. For this, you need to place the Roku media player close to that socket because the length of the power wire available is limited.
  • Check light: If the problem still infuriates, then it is better to read on-screen troubleshooting guide given on the page. You can follow it in the same manner for your device.
  • Connect to the USB port: Apart from the above-mentioned trick, you can also connect the device to the USB port of your TV for powering it on.
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If after trying all these steps, you are still facing a problem with the Roku express, then it is quite sure that the problem lies within the adapter. You can go to nearby Roku store and get it checked from there.

Steps for fixing the problem when Roku is connected to the USB port of the TV

  • As we have already recommended that you must use the original power adapter and the cable.
  • Connect the USB power cable properly at both the ends. One end should be connected to the TV and another to Roku player.
  • Try different USB port: If your TV has more than 1 port, then connect the player to the port different from the previous Turn on the TV only after connecting the Roku player to it.
  • You can try connecting the Roku to a different TV and check if the problem is still available or not.

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