Roku Launches The Olympic Channel On Roku Streaming Players

roku launches the olympic channel on roku streaming players

All you sports fanatics, there is great news coming for you, especially if you are using Roku streaming players to watch your favorite sporting content. Roku is launching the Olympic Channel as a free-to-view service on all its streaming players. Now, if you are a fan of the Olympics, then this channel is nothing less than a holy grail for you.

With this channel available in your Roku channel list, you can get 24/7 live stream along with 400+ episodes from Olympic Channel library where you will find only original content. There are more than 50 series available on the platform that was developed with production companies from all around the world.

More than 25 companies took part in the development of those incredible 50+ series, which come to your TV set straightaway from Olympic Channel streaming live on Roku.

The Olympic Channel provides you with access to Olympic sports and all the athletes that either has taken part in that mega sporting event or will take part in the upcoming Olympic event. All this will be done through in-depth coverage, original programming, unprecedented footage and exclusive interviews.

The Olympic Channel is going to take you and other viewers behind the closed doors as to what really cooks up prior to the matches and events, how players prep up before their matches and other interesting stuff.

You can enjoy the coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Now, you’d be wondering as to what else is stored for you in this Olympic Channel, then let’s talk about the main highlights of the channel.

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You can enjoy ‘Five Rings’ films: This is an original sports documentary series that is only available on the Olympic Channel. Frank Marshall and Mandalay Sports Media produced the series. Along with that, there is feature-length film which include ‘The Nagano Tapes’: The People’s Fighters.

In this, you will get to see the amazing boxing culture of Cuba along with a close look at the career of the boxing legend ‘Teofilo Stevenson’. Then, there is one more show, which you can watch by the name of ‘The Golden Generation’, which features Argentine Men’s National Team’s historic gold, which they won in 2004 in Basketball at Athens Olympics.

Coming to the Original Series that is available on the channel, then you will really like ‘Legends Live On’ in which the legacy of Olympic heroes are portrayed in a very beautiful manner, and how they inspire multiple generations.

The second season of this incredible new series is broadcasted on the channel. Following ‘Legends Live On’ is a documentary cum reality series named ‘The Z Team’, where they showed a group of people trying to turnaround a struggling youth sports team in a week or so.

The Olympic Channel is all about entertainment, taking inspiration and showing your love for the sports in totality. Now, if you want to subscribe to Olympic Channel on Roku, then you can do it right now, as it is available free of cost. You can go to the ‘Sports’ category in the ‘Roku Channel Store’ and look for ‘Olympic Channel’.

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